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Suspect wanted for being a member of FETÖ was caught in his cell house

Within the scope of the study carried out by the Silivri District Police Department under the coordination of the Intelligence Branch Directorate, it was determined that Sadık Y., who was wanted for being a member of FETÖ, was hiding at an address in Silivri Alibey Mahallesi Hürriyet Caddesi.

Having learned that the address in question is a cell (unknown) house belonging to FETÖ, the teams determined that the suspect named Sadık Y. was taken here and hidden by Hatice Akyürek, the older sister of the suspect and the wife of former Intelligence Department Head Ramazan Akyürek, who was imprisoned for FETÖ/PDY cases.

Following Hatice Akyürek and subsequently raiding her cell house, the teams detained Akyürek and her brother Sadık Y.

It turned out that Sadık Y. used a false identity card issued in the name of Serkan Kuş and that he had a search warrant issued by the Antalya 3rd Criminal Court of Peace.

It has been reported that judicial action has been taken against Hatice Akyürek for the crime of “favoring the criminal”, and Sadık Y. will be referred to the judicial authorities for the crime of “being a member of the FETÖ/PDY armed terrorist organization”.

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