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Support call from Diyarbakır mothers who keep the child watch for 24 hours

The mothers of Diyarbakir, who continue the child watch in front of the HDP Provincial Presidency building for 24 hours for their children taken to the mountain, repeated their call to “be with us against terrorism” on September 3, which will enter the 3rd year of the child watch.

The sit-in protest started on September 3, 2019 by the mothers of Diyarbakır, who hold HDP responsible for the kidnapping of their children to the mountains by PKK terrorists, has entered its 730th day.

The parents, who decided to continue their protest for 24 hours and continued their night watch, hung the Turkish flag on the HDP Provincial Building door.

Speaking on behalf of the families, mother Türkan Mutlu said that they want their children, who have rights as parents.

Stating that they are fighting for their children day and night, Mutlu said:

“Now people like Ceylan and Ceylan should not die in the mountains. I call out to the whole world, be with the mothers of Diyarbakır on September 3 and hear their voices. Even if this sit-in continues for 10 years, I will not leave the HDP’s door until I don’t take my gazelle. We, as Diyarbakır mothers, are not at this door for political purposes.” “

Father Celil Begdaş said that after their struggle, they caused many children to come down from the mountain.

Inviting the whole public to support them, Begdaş said, “No power can intimidate us. Only parents know the pain of a child. We look forward to seeing everyone here on 3 September.” said.

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