WorldSudan: Prime Minister released and brought back to his home (office)

Sudan: Prime Minister released and brought back to his home (office)

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The office of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok confirmed during the evening of Tuesday that the latter “was released and brought back to his home, with his wife, under close surveillance”.

This is what emerged from the statement released on the official Facebook page of the Prime Minister’s office, shortly after local Sudanese media announced Hamdok’s return to his home in Khartoum “under close surveillance”.

In the same statement, the office said that “Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and his wife were brought back to their residence in Khartoum on Tuesday evening under close surveillance,” without mentioning details of his condition since his arrest.

“The Prime Minister’s office confirms that a number of ministers and political leaders are still being held in unknown locations,” according to the same source.

At dawn on Monday, the military arrested party leaders, ministers, as well as the prime minister and his wife. Al-Burhan announced the dissolution of the Sovereignty Councils and Ministers (the transitional authorities), pledged to form a government of independent powers, and declared a state of emergency.

In a flash news posted on its website, the newspaper “Sudan” indicated that “Prime Minister Hamdok was released and brought back to his home in the Kafouri area, in the midst of a military deployment in the perimeter of his house. “.

The website of the newspaper “Al Mashhad al Sudani” also reported, citing sources on condition of anonymity in Khartoum, that “Hamdouk returned to his home in Kafouri, while a military guard was deployed around his house. to protect it ”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Al-Burhan overturned Hamdok’s arrest at a press conference, saying, “he is at my house to keep his safety, he leads his life normally and will return to his home.”

On Tuesday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reiterated his condemnation of the “military coup” and called for “the immediate release of the Prime Minister and other civilian leaders arbitrarily detained”.

On Monday, Al-Burhan tried to justify his decisions by stating in a television address that “incitement to chaos and violence by political forces has prompted us to do what is necessary to preserve Sudan. “, Believing that” what the country is going through is a real threat and danger to the dreams of youth. “

In separate communiques, several political forces qualified the action of the army as a “military coup”, and called on citizens to demonstrate and civil disobedience.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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