WorldSuch a sun set on Antarctica that it will be morning after...

Such a sun set on Antarctica that it will be morning after four months, 12 people will live in -80 degree temperature

Paris : Imagine if the night was four months long instead of a few hours? After a while it will be difficult to live in the dark. But in the context of Antarctica, this is not a fantasy, it is a reality, where on May 13, with the setting of the sun, a four-month-long night began. For some, these months may be isolation and extremely low temperatures in Antarctica, but it is a golden opportunity for astronauts to prepare for their Spain mission and practice living in some of the most difficult Earth conditions.

Astronauts can use these four months for their training amidst no sunlight and harsh conditions. In the rest of the world, people live in four types of seasons, but in Antarctica there are only two seasons, winter and summer. On the coldest continent in the world, six months are days and the remaining six months are dark nights.
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12 people will live in space-like conditions
Antarctica’s remote base Concordia will once again become the base of the 12-member team of the European Space Agency, which will live and work in this isolation. The team’s mission will include a range of experiments that will attempt to understand how extreme conditions like these affect humans. From sleep studies to gut health, the crew will be here to help current and future explorers understand and address the challenges of extreme environments like space, the space agency said on its website.

Temperature can drop to -80 degree Celsius
The space agency said that these conditions are like living on any other planet. Concordia station will not get any further help from outside in the times to come. The last flight of supplies arrived here in February. According to the information, there is a stock of at least nine months in the base and in the coming time the temperature here can drop to around -80 degree Celsius.