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Submarine crisis: Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron talk to each other under the sign of appeasement

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The French and American Presidents, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden had a telephone interview, at the end of which it was decided that the French ambassador to the United States will return to the other side of the Atlantic, according to a statement released on Wednesday by the Elysee Palace.

This interview took place “at the request” of Joe Biden “to examine the consequences of the announcement” of the breach of the contract for the purchase of 12 submarines by Australia.

The two heads of state “agreed that open consultations between allies on questions of strategic interest for France and European partners would have made it possible to avoid this situation” and “Joe Biden expressed his lasting commitment to this situation. topic “.

France and the United States “have decided to launch a process of in-depth consultations, aimed at putting in place the conditions guaranteeing confidence and proposing concrete measures to achieve common objectives” following the crisis situation generated by the abandonment of the submarine contract.

A meeting between the two presidents was, moreover, planned from October “to reach points of agreement and keep this process dynamic”.

It should also be noted that the United States “reaffirms that the engagement of France and the European Union in the Indo-Pacific region is of strategic importance, in particular within the framework of the European Union’s strategy for cooperation in the region (…), recently published ”.

The press release indicates in particular that Joe Biden recognizes “that it is necessary for European defense to be stronger and more efficient, by contributing positively to transatlantic and global security and by complementing the role of NATO”.

Finally, the “United States undertakes to strengthen its support for the anti-terrorism operations conducted by the European States in the Sahel region, as part of their common fight against terrorism”.

As a reminder, France has vigorously denounced the behavior of the United States in the affair of the submarines, and considers that confidence had been broken, following what was described by the head of diplomacy Jean-Yves Le Drian of “blow in the back”.

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