WorldSuat Şahin was elected as the President of the Swiss Turkish Community

Suat Şahin was elected as the President of the Swiss Turkish Community

In the election held in the district of Döttingen in the canton of Aargau Suat Sahin He became the new president of ITT with the majority of the delegates.

Şahin, who is the 6th president of ITT, said in a statement to the AA correspondent after the election, “Together with my teammates, we will serve in a manner befitting the Swiss Turkish community. Whatever problems and problems the Turkish society has, we will do all our efforts to solve it, as we did before. At the same time, we will be in contact with Turkey. We will also do our work there.” said.

Expressing that one of his biggest goals is educational activities for the integration of Swiss Turkish society, Şahin asked the heads of Turkish non-governmental organizations in Switzerland to support them.

Şahin emphasized that they will focus on the unity and solidarity of the Swiss Turkish community throughout his term.

“We will not give way to terrorist organizations”

Stating that they will cooperate closely with the Presidency for Turks Abroad (YTB), embassies and consulates in order to find solutions to the problems of Turks in Switzerland, Şahin said:

“We want to spend a period befitting Turkish society. Our red line is clear. We will embrace anyone who feels Turkish, who feels that they belong to Turkey. We will never give way to terrorist organizations, we will not incline. We will be against them today as we were yesterday. This is the PKK. “It doesn’t matter if it happens, FETO happens, it doesn’t matter. We will continue our work here, representing our country and our citizens, strongly against all of them, regardless of their name.”

Şahin added that his biggest dream is to open a “Turkish house” in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city.

Şeref Yıldız was the 5th term president of ITT, which is the umbrella organization of nearly 100 associations and 13 federations.

In his speech to the delegates, Yıldız wished success to the new ITT President and management.

“I want you to know that I will always exist to serve the Turkish community.” Yıldız said, thanking him and the board of directors for their support during his tenure.

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