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Students from Kahramanmaraş donated the money they saved by watering saplings for the burning forests.

4 children, who earned money by watering the saplings and trees in the summer houses entrusted by their neighbors in the Türkoğlu district of Kahramanmaraş, donated the money they saved to contribute to the greening of the burning forests.

4 students aged between 8 and 11, studying at Cumhuriyet Mahallesi TOKİ Şehitler Primary and Secondary School, delivered approximately 700 liras, which they saved by watering saplings and trees, to Kahramanmaraş Deputy Governor and Türkoğlu Deputy District Governor Mahmut Hersanlıoğlu to be sent to Manavgat district of Antalya.

Hersanlıoğlu stated to the AA correspondent that the behavior exhibited by the children was extremely meaningful and affected him a lot.

Hersanlıoğlu said that the Turkish nation could come together and solve the problems in a narrow day and that the attitude of the children is a sign of this situation.

“The nobility of this nation requires this. There may be many reasons in this disaster, our nation has always made sacrifices in terms of recovery of the disaster, compensation for the damage and the normalization of life. One of the aims of national education is to make our children sensitive about national issues and disaster issues. It is our duty to raise our children like this because the geography we live in is troublesome. The mission that has been given to us as history actually requires this. The sincerity of our children in this sense impressed me. It is very important that they give us the money they have saved by working for that job and giving up the tablet. It is very meaningful to present them.”

He donated the money he saved to buy a tablet

Hasan Hüseyin Taş, a 4th grade primary school student, said that they started watering trees with their friends as a result of their neighbors’ proposal and that they had been saving money for a month.

Stating that they dreamed of buying tablets with the money they saved, but were so impressed by the fire news they watched on TV, they decided to donate for the reforestation of the burned areas, adding, “When we heard the news of the fire, we could not bear to give the money to the district governor, who would then give it to the forest and plant saplings. said.

Kevser Yağcı, who is studying in the same class, said that he is happy that the money he saved by watering saplings with his friends will be used for re-greening the forests.

5th grade student Ahmet Asım Davarcı also explained that he was planning to meet the school needs and buy tablets with the money he earned, but when he saw the fires, he did not agree to this. used the phrases.

TOKİ Şehitler Primary and Secondary School Director and Ahmet Asım Davarcı’s father, Ali Davarcı, also stated that the children save money by watering the gardens of those who are not at home or who go on vacation, and said:

“The children said, ‘Our forests are burning, our trees are disappearing, what can we do?’ We said that there are donations from the General Directorate of Forestry for tree planting. They said, ‘We want to donate there.’ “Let’s water a little and let me support you. Let’s hand over the money you collected to the authorities, so that a tree will be planted in your name. I am very pleased that they are involved in such an event.”

Nilüfer Yüksel, who watered her saplings, said that when she heard that the children were engaged in such an activity, she was very touched and immediately handed over her garden to them.

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