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‘Strike against the British: not with the permission of the court’; Kodiyeri wants to go on strike even if wages go up

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has said that the High Court verdict denying the right to strike to government employees will have far-reaching repercussions. The voice of urgency is coming out: Speak and work. The judiciary should be prepared to reconsider such a position. Kodiyeri said in a statement that our country has changed after many strikes and strikes.

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The CPM state secretary said that the workers’ strike against the British was not with the permission of any court. The court was against it. Earlier, the high court had banned bandhs and hartals. Now employees are also being denied the right to strike. Kodiyeri also accused the denial of the right to protest of being a challenge to democracy.

Kodiyeri asked if the judges were open about what they had to say to the judges. Didn’t the four judges of the Supreme Court come out of the court and hold a public press conference? Is that what is said in any law. Wasn’t there a very strong response? One of them is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He also asked if in a country where judges respond in this way, no one else should respond.

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Kodiyeri said in a statement that this would not only affect the national strike. Employees’ right to strike will be eliminated if there is a problem with pay rises and benefits. The national strike is being organized by all the central trade unions and service organizations except the BJP workers’ union. Dyson made the announcement as directed by the court to the government. Further action can be taken only in accordance with the court order. An appeal may be made to the High Court. He said employees could also be questioned.

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Kodiyeri clarified that a new challenge has arisen in front of government employees. Government employees must prepare for a strike, assuming they will lose a day’s wages. Government employees must change to that consciousness. Vehicle blocking should be discouraged as part of the strike. The strike committee intends that the people themselves will take part in the strike. More people are participating in the strike than ever before. Workers went on strike and took to the streets. The CPM state secretary added that the protest in Thiruvananthapuram was unprecedented.

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