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Strange record of adult film actress, relationship with 300 men made in a day, said – no shame

People often consider the actress working in adult films as separate from the society. However, she considers it only her profession and does not allow it to affect her personal life. One such actress model is Jasmine St. Clair who has now left the adult film industry. Sharing his experience, he told that he had made a strange record while doing old work.

relationships with 300 men
Jasmine had made the record of having sex with most men in a day. During the shooting of adult films, Jasmine made a strange record by having sex with 300 men in a day. She was active in the adult film industry during the 90s and 2000s. During this time he worked in many films. Recently, he revealed his strange record in a podcast.

no shame, no regret
Jasmine says that she has neither any regret nor any embarrassment about her work. She doesn’t consider it a strange record. That day was just a very busy day for him. When she did her work continuously for 10 hours and then returned home. Jasmine has stepped into a new world by saying goodbye to her old profession. Now she is making a career in professional wrestling.

Learn the tricks of wrestling
He also took training for it to learn the tricks of wrestling. She has appeared in Extreme Championship Wrestling and has also worked in many films. Regarding the very dangerous work, he said that he is fond of wrestling since childhood. She has also worked in films like ‘Bad Apples’ and ‘Dorm Days 2’. She no longer wants to return to the adult film industry.