WorldStatement from AFAD on fires across the country

Statement from AFAD on fires across the country

AFAD shared the latest situation regarding the ongoing fires in Mersin, Osmaniye, Adana and Muğla, especially in Manavgat.

Reminding that forest fires occurred at 4 different points in Antalya’s Manavgat district at noon the previous day, it was emphasized that 960 personnel, 1 aircraft, 1 UAV, 19 helicopters, 201 water sprinklers, 30 construction equipment and 30 water supply vehicles were responding to the fires. In the statement, it was stated that 13 neighborhoods such as Seki, Kalemler, Dikmen, Bucakseyhler, Oymapınar, Tilkiler, Evrenleryavşı, Saraçlı, Aşağıışıklar, Hocalı, Gebece, Hocalar and Çardak were heavily affected by the fire and these areas were evacuated. It was stated that 22 neighborhoods including Ulukapı, Uzunkale, Taşkesiği, Güzelyalı, Belenobası, Hacıali, Karaöz, Sülek, Salkımevler, Demirciler, Karavca, Çayyazı, Yukarıışıklar, Yeniköy, Sarılar, Yaylaalan and Şişeler were partially affected.

According to the information received from the Health Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), 3 people lost their lives in the fire and 271 people were affected, 1 seriously, and the following statements were included in the statement:

“The treatment of our 73 citizens affected by the fire continues. 30 ambulances, 12 UMKE and 1 mobile command vehicle, 136 health personnel have been sent to the region by the Ministry of Health. Partial evacuation was carried out in Manavgat State Hospital, and 10 intensive care patients were transferred to other hospitals. Antalya, 48 personnel from Afyonkarahisar and İzmir AFAD provincial directorates were assigned to the region.In addition, 230 personnel from Isparta, Burdur, Konya, Karaman, Mersin, Kocaeli, Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and Samsun provinces in coordination with the Antalya Governorship, 17 water trucks, 42 fire trucks, 13 water tankers and 1 pioneer vehicle was sent to the region. 450 personnel from Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and 75 fire trucks, 1 dozer, 3 excavators, 7 vacuum trucks and 1 bucket from DSI support the works. The houses in the areas that may be affected by the fire were evacuated. 320 cattle, 3 thousand small cattle, 22 banana greenhouses, 15 vegetable greenhouses, 360 beehives and 15 thousand decares of agricultural land were damaged. has seen.”

In the statement, it was stated that 24 personnel from the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization started damage assessment studies in 12 teams, and it was stated that 73 disaster victims were accommodated in the KYK dormitory located in the center of Manavgat.

Pointing out that 91 personnel, 4 trucks and 4 catering vehicles were assigned by the Turkish Red Crescent, the statement said, “There was a power outage in 35 neighborhoods due to the fire. Electricity was not supplied to 12 neighborhoods for precautionary purposes.” it was said.

Mersin forest fire

It was announced that the fire that occurred the previous day in Aydıncık and Silifke districts of Mersin was responded to with 335 personnel, 2 helicopters and 90 water sprinklers. In the statement, it was stated that 14 personnel and 5 vehicles from Mersin AFAD Provincial Directorate were deployed in the region, “In addition, 5 water trucks, 5 fire trucks and 3 water tankers were dispatched to the region from Ankara, Niğde and Karaman provinces in coordination with Mersin Governorship. personnel, vehicles and equipment.” information has been given.

According to the information received from SAKOM, it was emphasized that 34 people were affected by the fire, 19 people were treated, and 86 health personnel and 27 ambulances were assigned to the region by the Ministry of Health. The statement included the following information:

“Due to the fire, a total of 3,466 households and 6,386 people were evacuated from the Duruhan, Yenikaş, Karaseki and Karadere neighborhoods of Aydıncık district and İmamuşağı, Yeşilovacık, Işıklı, Hırmanlı neighborhoods in Silifke district to safe areas. Necessary measures have been taken and there is no need for shelter at the moment In order to meet the need for shelter, a total capacity of 1625 people, 135 in Aydıncık, 668 in Gülnar, 60 in Bozyazı and 762 in Silifke, has been prepared. 14 personnel and 7 vehicles were assigned from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the purpose of damage assessment. Power cuts occurred in 272 transformers due to fires. In the region, 100 people’s food packages were distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent, 800 food packages were sent to the area. 4 personnel were assigned within the scope of psychosocial support activities. and field visits are carried out.

Osmaniye forest fire

Reminding that two separate forest fires occurred the previous day in Osmaniye’s Kırmacılı village location and Karacalar location, the statement said that 528 personnel, 4 helicopters, 79 water pumps, 32 water tankers, 21 construction machines, 2 TOMAs, 9 trucks and 24 land vehicles were used to respond to the fires. reported.

In the statement announced that 4 personnel and 1 vehicle from Osmaniye AFAD Provincial Directorate were deployed in the region, “With the coordination of AFAD, 58 personnel from the governorships of Kilis, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman, Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Aksaray, Nevşehir, Diyarbakır and Kırıkkale, 13 water tankers, 11 water tanks, 5 fire brigades. vehicle, 6 construction machines, 1 truck, 1 truck, 1 pioneer and 1 4×4 vehicle have been shipped.” information has been given.

In the statement, it was stated that the fire in the Karacalar region was under control and the cooling works were carried out, and the following was noted:

“Fire response efforts continue in Kırmacılı village. A total of 295 households have been evacuated from Karatepe village and Çakıcılar, Sarıdüz, Talipler, Sağlamerler, Hasancık, Dikenli, Aslantaş, Cığcık, Alaybeyler neighborhoods. Necessary measures have been taken and there is no need for shelter for the time being. “The houses in the villages and the product and Dombullu highlands have been evacuated, and Osmaniye KYK Karaoğlan Dormitory has been allocated for the citizens affected by the fires. 173 students in Aslantaş Youth Camp were evacuated due to the approach of the fire and placed in Kadirli KYK Dormitory.”

Adana forest fire

In the written statement made by AFAD, it was noted that forest fires occurred in 21 areas in Adana the previous day, and that 375 personnel, 2 aircraft, 6 helicopters, 76 water sprinklers, 9 fire trucks, 9 construction equipment and 1 excavator responded to the fires. In the statement, which stated that extinguishing works are carried out in Aladağ, Kozan and Kadirli regions, the following information was included:

“10 of our citizens were affected by the fire, and the treatment of 8 of our citizens is continuing. 27 personnel from the Ministry of Health, 8 ambulances and 1 UMKE vehicle were sent to the region. 18 personnel and 4 vehicles from Adana AFAD Provincial Directorate were assigned to the region. Akdam, Akarca, Salmanlı, A total of 3 thousand 322 citizens were evacuated, 2 thousand 705 from the Kızlarsekisi, Ergenuşağı, Gökgöz, Kuytucak and Velicanlı districts, and 617 from Aladağ and Karaisalı districts.Two of our citizens who were stuck in Kozan Kızlarsekisi area were rescued.The Turkish Red Crescent provided food for 1000 people/meal within the framework of the need in the region. distribution is planned.

fire in Marmaris

In the statement, it was stated that fires also occurred in the forest area in Muğla’s Marmaris district, Armutalan and İçmeler districts, Milas district Kuyucak district and Köyceğiz Asartepe regions yesterday. It has been learned that 3 people have been discharged.” statements were included.

In the statement, it was reported that a capacity of 2 thousand people in Menteşe district, 168 in Milas district and 25 in Marmaris district was prepared for shelter, Osmaniye District was evacuated to Orhaniye District as 160 households, and Bayır District to Selimiye District as 300 households. It was stated in the statement that there was a power outage in 56 transformers due to the fires that occurred throughout Muğla, and the following was recorded:

“The fire in Marmaris Armutalan and İçmeler neighborhoods is being responded to with a total of 374 personnel, 5 helicopters, 41 water sprinklers, 15 water tankers, 8 construction machines, 15 ambulances, 3 vehicles and 15 UMKE teams from AFAD, Regional Directorate of Forestry, fire brigade, 112 and NGOs. In addition, 114 personnel and 19 vehicles were dispatched from the Istanbul Metropolitan and Zeytinburnu fire brigades, 1 water tank, 1 water tanker, 9 personnel and 3 ambulances from the Denizli Metropolitan fire brigade were sent to the region. It was reported that they were picked up from where they were by the AFAD and AFAD teams.

A total of 98 personnel from AFAD, Regional Directorate of Forestry, fire brigade and NGOs respond to the fire in Milas Kuyucak District, with 1 helicopter, 10 water sprinklers, 9 fire trucks, 14 water tankers and 3 vehicles. 50 of our citizens were evacuated from the hotel in Kuyucak District. 20 personnel, 4 water sprinklers and 2 vehicles are responding to the fire in Köyceğiz Asartepe region. 4 water sprinklers were sent to the fire in Muğla Seydikemer from our city of Burdur. Developments are being followed.

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