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Statement by TRT General Manager Sobacı regarding the allegations that the İzmir Anthem was censored

TRT General Manager Mehmet Zahid Sobacımade a statement regarding the news and posts made under the title of “Censorship of the İzmir Anthem from TRT” after the quarter-final match between Turkey and Poland in the Women’s European Volleyball Championship.

Sobacı said, “Millions of people watched the Turkey-Poland match played in the quarter-finals of the 2021 European Women’s Volleyball Championship on TRT1. I congratulate our nationals for a great success. Those who tried to overshadow this success with baseless claims, even with conscious blindness, that TRT censored the İzmir Anthem. I condemn it.” made its assessment.

Stating that since the Turkey-Poland match was played in Bulgaria, the images from the Bulgarian broadcaster were transmitted to TRT as the official broadcaster of this match and were projected onto TRT screens without any interruption, Sobacı said:

“Due to the broadcast format of the Women’s European Volleyball Championship, the broadcaster reflected the detailed graphics of the match on the screen after the Turkey-Poland match as well as after every match. During the display of the graphics, the İzmir Anthem was also reflected on the screen as a sub-audio. Accusing TRT of censorship, it was unfair. Most of the accusers are in the publishing world and they know that these images come from the Bulgarian broadcaster.

If there is no ignorance about the field in which he works, this attitude indicates a malignant spirit that feeds on polarization. Playing with society’s nerve endings and being trapped in the enthusiasm for interaction on social media does not benefit anyone. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and our values ​​are the common denominator of all of us and are not in the monopoly of anyone. We will continue to broadcast the achievements of our nationals on TRT screens and meet on a common denominator of joy.”

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