IndiaStalin escort vehicles from 12 to six; No more blocking people,...

Stalin escort vehicles from 12 to six; No more blocking people, police instructed


  • Stalin’s proposal to reduce the number of escort vehicles.
  • The traffic police were instructed.
  • The decision comes at a time when people are struggling.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has reportedly directed the police to reduce the number of escort vehicles. The Chief Minister directed the police to reduce the number of vehicles providing security in front and behind the CM’s vehicle. From now on, there will be two pilot vehicles, three escort vehicles and a jammer vehicle in the front and rear of the CM’s vehicle.

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Stalin instructed the police to reduce the number of escort vehicles and not to block other vehicles or block the road as the CM’s vehicle was passing by. According to reports, the decision was taken after blocking the road and blocking passengers due to the passing of the CM’s convoy.

At present, 12 vehicles are providing security to the Chief Minister. Stalin proposed to reduce it to six. The Chief Minister directed the traffic police not to cause any inconvenience to the public while the CM’s vehicle was passing by and to take necessary steps for this. The Chief Minister’s routine of meeting people, talking to them and receiving complaints during the journey is a challenge to the police.

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The decision was taken in a meeting between Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary V Irayanambu and senior police officials. Madras High Court Judge Justice N Anand Venkatesh had sought an explanation from the state home secretary following a traffic jam.

It is common in Tamil Nadu for roads to be blocked minutes before the CM’s convoy passes. In the busy city of Chennai, there is widespread opposition to the CM blocking roads to pass through. Traffic arrangements blocking roads during the assembly session are strong. During J Jayalalithaa’s tenure as Chief Minister, vehicles used to block the CM’s convoy. Under these circumstances, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has directly directed to reduce the number of escort vehicles.

While traveling to different parts of the state, the Chief Minister regularly pays lightning visits to police stations and government offices. Chief Minister Stalin inspected the government’s Adidravidar Welfare Student Hostel at Pennagaram in Dharmapuri district and asked the students directly about the hostel facilities and food. He inspected the hostel, asked the students for information and assessed the situation.

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The Chief Minister had reached the Adiyamman Kotte police station in Dharmapuri district and inquired from the police officials about the action taken on the complaints. After checking the registers in detail, he directed the police. Stalin’s visit was to inform the public directly about the police position and the action taken on complaints. The unexpected visits of the Chief Minister were discussed on social media.

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