WorldStaff crunch in restaurants of this country, people are not getting even...

Staff crunch in restaurants of this country, people are not getting even after 1 hour offer of 4000 rupees


  • severe shortage of staff due to restrictions imposed to prevent corona virus Pandemic
  • Restaurants and hotels are not getting employees in many countries
  • Hotel and restaurant owners are offering up to three times the money

Restaurants in Perth, Australia are going through a shortage of employees these days. They do not have enough people to serve their customers to the best of their ability. That’s why an Italian fine-dining restaurant in Perth is so desperate for employees that it has offered to pay waiters up to $55 an hour. This amount is almost three times more than normal.

Crisis created due to departure of migrant people from Corona
Actually, Perth’s borders are closed due to the increasing dangers of Corona virus. Due to the Covid restrictions, workers coming to work from other places have left the city and went to their respective homes. In such a situation, despite offering huge salaries to many restaurants in the city, people are not getting people to work.

Willing to pay 55 dollars for 1 hour
West Perth restaurant’s online job advertisement says they are in need of ‘experienced’, ‘highly motivated’ and ‘well prepared’ wait staff. For this they are willing to pay up to $55 per hour. Many restaurants in Perth are already paying high salaries during the pandemic. However, $55 an hour gives an indication of how few employees are left at the restaurant.

The organization said – we are facing labor shortage
Bradley Woods, CEO of the Australian Hotels Association’s West Australian branch, said the offer of a steep increase in salary reflects the severe labor crisis our region’s hospitality industry is in. He told West Australian that the impact of staff shortage is being seen on restaurants and hotel industries across the state. Due to inflation, we have to pay more money, it is directly affecting the customers.

There is also a shortage of staff in many international restaurants.
The advertisement for the Zafrano restaurant chain states that they need great food and great service people for a good and well-known restaurant. He also wrote that those applying should also have experience in cooking. Successful candidates will work approximately 40 hours a week including every Friday and Saturday.