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Sri Lanka Crisis: No medicine in Sri Lankan hospital, operation postponed, seeing the situation, Jaishankar’s heart melted, instructed for help

Colombo: Sri Lanka, which became a disciple of China, is going through a serious economic crisis. The situation has become so bad that even basic needs like health are being avoided. A hospital in Sri Lanka (News about crisis Sri Lanka) has postponed all operations due to lack of medicines. India has come forward to help the neighboring country in this difficult time. India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday directed the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo to help the Sri Lankan hospital that had deferred treatment.

Sri Lankan hospital postpones operation due to lack of medicine
The director of Peradeniya Hospital in Sri Lanka’s Kandy district on Monday announced the suspension of all routine operations due to shortage of medicines. In view of this, Jaishankar asked Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay to discuss how India can help this country which is going through a crisis.

Jaishankar gave instructions for help by tweeting
Jaishankar tweeted that disturbed by this news. I asked to get in touch with the High Commissioner and discuss how India can help. After which the Indian High Commission, while replying, said that we have contacted the VC and Dean of the Medical Faculty of Peradeniya University, Prof. Lamawansa has been contacted. They have been requested to convey their requirements for medicines to continue with regular and scheduled surgeries.

Shortage of medicine, anesthesia and operating equipment
In the circular issued on Monday, it was said that there is a shortage of various types of medicines, anesthesia and other things used in the operation in the hospital. According to the circular, it has been decided to suspend all routine surgeries, including those performed on patients already admitted in the hospital on Monday.

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Sri Lanka facing severe economic crisis
Sri Lanka’s current foreign exchange reserves and balance of payments crisis are dire, leading to unavailability of even essential commodities. There have been long queues for fuel, severe power cuts and steep rise in prices. The public is accusing the Gotabaya Rajapakse government of being incapable of dealing with the economic crisis. The Government of Sri Lanka has appealed to India for help before requesting the IMF for an economic relief package.