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Spying against India; False in DRS too, controversial words of Kohli and Rahul

As the third Test draws to a close, the words of the Indian team members blaming the umpires and the spectators are controversial. The Indian players used harsh words after the third umpire rejected an LBW appeal by South African captain Dean Elgar. The incident happened when Dean Elgar was caught in front of the wicket in Ashwin’s over. Elgar issued the DRS after the ground umpire ruled it out. In the DRS, the ball is found to go over the top of the wicket. This gave Elgar a chance to continue batting. Elgar, who went out after it became clear that the ball was in line at the DRS, came back when he realized the ball did not fit the wicket. The Indian players allege that the ball tracking technology is flawed. The players said that it was unbelievable that Ashwin’s ball went over the top of the wicket. KL Rahul, Virat Kohli and R Ashwin’s disappointment came as the third umpire denied the wicket. Rahul said that an entire country was playing against them. Rahul also spoke in a way that kept the umpire on the edge of suspicion. Kohli said some people only look at their own team. The captain did not hesitate to mock the DRS. Elgar’s other LBW appeal was not granted by Kohli to the third umpire. Kohli joked that it would sometimes get over his shoulder. R Ashwin’s response is that other avenues will have to be considered to overtake the broadcaster Super Sport‌s as well. The ball tracking technology belongs to the transmitter. The Indian players indirectly hinted that this technology was colluding for the hosts. South Africa came close to victory with the batting performance of Dean Elgar (30) and Keegan Peterson (48). With eight wickets in hand on the fourth day, South Africa needed 111 more runs to win.