WorldSpotting Western fighter jets tracking Russia's Tu-160 over the Baltic Sea

Spotting Western fighter jets tracking Russia’s Tu-160 over the Baltic Sea

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the two strategic bombers carried out a planned flight in the neutral airspace of the Baltic Sea. Two Su-35S aircraft of the Aerospace Forces and two Su-27 fighters of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet were escorted to cover the mission.
As has happened many times before, a number of NATO, Finnish and Swedish warplanes were dispatched to monitor the Russian aircraft. A video posted by the Russian Defense Ministry shows several fighter jets following the Russian plane in international airspace, including an Italian Air Force Typhoon and several Danish Air Force F-16s. Circuit.

Tu-160 Blackjack aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Finnish Air Force F-18s and Swedish Air Force JAS 39 Gripens also appeared to monitor the Tu-160 group.

Most interestingly, at least one Su-35S has appeared on, seemingly the first time a Russian Flanker can be tracked online. The Tu-160 Blackjack is the largest, heaviest, fastest bomber in service, and the largest and heaviest “spindle” aircraft ever to fly.

Spotting Western fighter jets tracking Russia's Tu-160 over the Baltic Sea - photo 2

At least one Su-35S appeared on


The first flight took place in 1981 and the Tu-160 officially entered service in 1987. As of 2016, the Russian Air Force still has 16 aircraft of this type in service. This is considered a “rare bird”.