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Speaker of the Parliament Şentop: There is an increase in our trade volume with Kazakhstan during the epidemic

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop and the accompanying Parliamentary delegation met with Turkish business people in the capital Nur Sultan on the first day of their contacts in Kazakhstan, where they came to hold the 10th General Assembly of the Turkish-Speaking Countries Parliamentary Assembly (TÜRKPA) and bilateral meetings.

Mustafa Şentop said at the meeting that he last paid an official visit to Kazakhstan in 2019.

Stating that this time he was here for two reasons, Şentop said, “The first is a bilateral visit. That’s why we came to the capital Nur Sultan. Tomorrow we will have meetings with the Speaker of the Kazakhstan Parliament, the President of the Senate, the President and Mr. Nazarbayev. After that, the second phase of our visit will be in Turkestan. We will be in Turkestan for the TURKPA 10th General Assembly Meeting.” said.

Expressing that it is of great benefit to hold meetings of a political nature face-to-face, therefore, they postponed the TURKPA 10th General Assembly Meeting, which should be held in 2020, to this year, Şentop said, “I am the one who came up with the idea to hold it in Turkistan. There were some ideas and projects. Our President and Nursultan Nazarbayev also expressed the importance they attach to Turkistan. Thus, we thought that it would have more than one benefit in terms of promoting Turkistan.” he said.

Pointing out that the relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan are at a very good level, Şentop said, “The first day Kazakhstan declared its independence, Turkey recognized its independence. It is also the first country to establish diplomatic relations. Since then, we have maintained our relations with Kazakhstan in every field in friendship and brotherhood.” used the phrase.

Şentop explained that they have always received the support of Kazakhstan in terms of Turkey’s approach to its theses, and continued as follows:

“Following the coup attempt by the treacherous Fetullah Terrorist Organization on July 15, 2016, Mr. Nazarbayev was the first to visit Turkey, expressing his support for the elected government and the constitutional order. He was the President at that time, he visited Turkey. “He stood by Turkey in its troubled and troubled times. We also express our support to Kazakhstan at all times. We express our relations not only as relations between the two countries, but also to act together on international platforms.”

Şentop stated that they have close views on many issues with Kazakhstan and said, “There are also joint organizations that we have established due to our close ethnicity. One of them is TURKPA. There is the Turkic Council. We maintain our relations in the political field at a good point here, too.” said.

“The economic relations with Kazakhstan are based on very strong foundations”

Noting that the economic relations with Kazakhstan are also based on very strong foundations, Şentop said, “There is no decrease in our trade volume during the epidemic, there is an increase. As of the 7th month of 2021, we have an increase of around 50 percent compared to previous years. We have reached the 10 billion dollars target set by our Presidents. If we act in this way, we will reach it quickly. Of course, your contributions are also very important in this regard.” used the phrase.

Şentop pointed out that Kazakhstan is at a strategically very important point and said, “Within the framework of China’s Belt and Road project, all transportation axes that will carry the economic opportunities of Central and Far Asia to Europe are connected with Kazakhstan. Turkey is also in this regard. On the shortest and fastest transit routes. The shortest and least costly way to reach Europe, especially via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars lines, is through Turkey. Therefore, we think that our economic relations will improve and we can diversify them in different areas.” he said.

Şentop stated that bilateral activities continue in the cultural field as well, adding:

“Both TIKA and Yunus Emre Institute continue their work. As a joint project of the two countries, Ahmet Yesevi University continues its activities. There is a need for more cooperation and joint action in all these areas. We will express all this to our interlocutors and at the TÜRKPA meeting. No doubt. It’s not just about inter-governmental relations anymore as it used to be. Inter-state relations, the parliamentary dimension is very important. But there is also a commercial and economic dimension. You are also people who contribute greatly to these relations in this sense. That’s why we are always together with you. Solving the problems you face At this point, we are always ready to step in if there is something to be done by both our government and us.”

Şentop answered the questions of business people at the end of the meeting.

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