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Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop: We need to put the constitution in its proper place, where it should be.

Speaker of the Parliament Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, at the conference on “Society, Politics and Constitutions in Turkey” held at Mardin Artuklu University Atatürk Cultural Center, said that they experienced a different excitement and happiness due to the start of face-to-face education, and that there was an intensity that they had not seen for many years in terms of participation in classes. Şentop stated that this shows how great a longing and longing he has given for a long time, and stated that they are determined about face-to-face education, that there will be no return from this, but that necessary measures should be followed in this epidemic conditions.

Noting that the new academic period has been reached by going through a difficult period due to Covid-19, Şentop pointed out that university-industry cooperation is very important in terms of social benefit. Referring to the discussions on the new constitution, Şentop said:

“This is one of the subjects that our universities can make the most important contribution to. Our universities can shine a spotlight on such studies and debates on politics. While politics is active, the constitution is one of them in many fields. It needs the illumination of the field in which it works. Here are our universities that will make that illumination, it is academic studies. Universities have been around for a long time. In the past, they remained in the backup of politics, completely political and ideological, narrow, vicious discussions.

Explaining that universities should contribute to the issues of Turkey, politics and the world, Şentop stated that he came from within the university and that there were very successful academics in micro-study fields in the law faculty.

New constitution debates

Expressing that everyone started the discussions on the new constitution from scratch, Şentop said:

“However, this is not the case, he has been discussing the new constitution for Turkey since 1982, when the constitution came into force. The main agenda item in the elections in Turkey in 2011 was the new constitution. After the election, a commission, a reconciliation commission, was established in the Parliament to prepare a new constitution. This commission worked for more than 2 years with the participation of the parties. And for the first time in Turkey, all political parties presented and presented their views on the constitution, which is a whole constitutional text. Now they are trying to work on a constitution from scratch. It is a pity, this is unfair to Turkey. There is no doubt that different things can be said about the distances taken and the savings.”

Expressing that the constitutions are loaded with too much and excessive meaning, Şentop said, “We are in an approach as if we make a new constitution, we will solve all the problems that can come to mind in Turkey, perhaps including the health problems of our citizens. It is the same today. That’s the government system. “We will change it, everything will be solved, I wish it were like that. I wish our matter was that easy. Let’s do whatever you say together, but there is no such a world. Solving problems is not that easy.” made its assessment.

Şentop said, “The constitutions are such magical texts, they are not magical texts that can solve many problems of the country at once. We need to put the constitution in its proper place, where it should be. This is our first problem in these discussions.” said.

“We gave the answer with examples. They don’t fix it”

Şentop made the following assessment regarding the phrase “it was spoken in a language other than Turkish” in the minutes of the parliament:

“A friend of ours has played important roles in Turkey for many years, with whom we worked together in politics. Now, the chairman of another party has served in the parliament for many years, this friend says, ‘In the parliament, when a deputy is speaking in the general assembly, if a deputy If he speaks Kurdish, it is not written, it is written as an unknown language.’ He says. Lies. This is the original in the parliamentary minutes. It seems obvious. Minutes in the parliament are kept in Turkish due to laws and regulations, why is it official Turkish. In an official language other than Turkish, there may be words, some phrases can be used, but when sentences are formed, they are shown as a footnote. Unknown language is not written, it is written ‘it was spoken in a language other than Turkish.’ “There is a sound recording of this in the minutes. This is what is done, whether in Arabic, Persian, English, German or Spanish. Because it is the official language, no minutes are kept in the parliament other than Turkish. Others are noted by making reference to the audio recording. This is an attitude against a certain language.” It is being carried out with a campaign of lies, as if it is an attitude towards Kurdish. There are those who have voiced this. There have been those who have asked with a parliamentary question before, we have answered them with examples. They do not correct this. They do not use the information that shows that what they say is wrong. What can this be, deliberate slander, slander, a lie? It may be as a result of the effort to say it.”

Şentop stated that the issue of the government system is an executive issue and has nothing to do with the legislature and the judiciary, and continued his speech as follows:

“Now they come out and some politicians say, ‘We will establish a fair judicial mechanism.’ This has nothing to do with the government system. There is a judiciary in the presidential government system, and they are similar in regulation. We did not make any special arrangements regarding the judiciary in the change of the government system. The judiciary continues in the same way as in the parliamentary system before. The legislative part is the same. The parliament and the presidential system are the same. “It exists in both the parliamentary system and the parliamentary system. And the parliamentary powers are more or less the same in both systems. It has only one different side, the government comes out of the parliament in the parliamentary system. The people do not elect the government, they only elect the parliament.”

Cursing a martyr’s relative in Bingöl

Regarding the IY Party’s Lütfü Türkkan swearing at the relatives of the martyr, Şentop said, “There was a resignation incident a few days ago, it’s grave. A deputy who obviously insulted a citizen that no one would approve of, perhaps unprecedented in our history, resigned from his position in the parliament.” he said. Expressing that he resigned on the orders of the Chairman, Şentop concluded his speech as follows:

“The chairman I know is the only person, not a board. And a chairman of another party says if you go on a TV channel or something, I will kick you out of the party or something. How is it that only one person? It is the nature of the business. There are undoubtedly many topics discussed everywhere, many opinions. It is discussed, but when it comes to a decision point, no doubt, decisions can be taken in alliances. Everyone agrees, but he is the only person who prefers that decision to one of those opinions when there are differences of opinion in the field.

Governor Demirtas

Mardin Governor Mahmut Demirtaş, on the other hand, stated that politics is a phenomenon and concept that is at the same time as the history of humanity, and whose existence is absolutely needed, and said that humanity needs a political institution from the first moment when the will to live in society emerges. Noting that politics is a phenomenon that puts why people come together, the necessity and form of living together at the center of the discussion, Demirtaş said:

“However, by whom, how and in what way the decisions concerning the society should be taken also falls within the domain of scientific politics. The concept of politics should continue its existence as a mechanism that produces solutions, not problems for the society it serves. It should set an example. Most importantly, it should draw its strength from social norms, legal rules and a strong constitution that incorporates social consensus. This is why new and civil constitutional studies that embrace today and the future, melt the conditions specific to our country and universal legal norms in the pot, and carried out in cooperation with all segments. I hope that all the works, especially our country and our nation, will be beneficial.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Özcoşar

Mardin Artuklu University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar, on the other hand, stated that scientific and scientific studies have a privileged position in terms of arbitrating the achievements of Turkish politics.

Noting that universities also have important duties in the context of the construction of the future of society, Özcoşar said, “As a university, we are renewing our mission and vision with the awareness of this responsibility, with the awareness of our role in the construction of the future, and we determine it according to the conditions of the age and scientific developments.” used the expressions.

AK Party Mardin deputies Şeyhmus Dinçel and Cengiz Demirkaya, Balıkesir Deputy Mustafa Canbey, AK Party Provincial Chairman Faruk Kılıç, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Coşkun Sel, Deputy Provincial Police Chief Cihangir Sağlam and guests attended the conference.

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