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Spain’s Prime Minister vows to end prostitution, more than 300,000 people are involved in the business

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has pledged to eliminate prostitution from the country. He said it makes women ‘slaves’. Speaking at a three-day convention of his ruling Socialist Workers’ Party on Sunday, Sanchez vowed to move forward with a resolution to crack down on prostitution, which was part of his left-wing party’s election manifesto in 2019.

The party’s manifesto called prostitution “one of the worst forms of violence” against women. Prostitution in Spain has grown rapidly since it was freed from crime in 1995. A United Nations report in 2011 called Space the ‘third largest prostitution capital in the world’. In this, Spain’s name was behind Thailand and Puerto Rico. Spain was also said to be the largest ‘brothel’ in Europe.
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Supporters said – women get benefits
According to recent estimates, Spain’s domestic sex trade generates $26.5 billion in revenue annually and employs over 300,000 people. In many European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece, the law does not criminalize prostitution. Some people support it and say that women working in this trade get huge benefits and it makes their life secure.

The number of migrant women increased in the 2000s
At the same time, those opposing it say that human trafficking, pimping and other related crimes have increased in countries that have legalized or decriminalized prostitution. Most sex workers in Spain in the 1980s were of Spanish descent. But in the early 2000s it mostly included migrant women from poorer European countries, Latin America and Africa. Now the issue has become a political topic because of concerns of illegal migration.