WorldSpace Fossil: NASA spacecraft launches search for fossils in solar system

Space Fossil: NASA spacecraft launches search for fossils in solar system

Own report: There is no end to human endeavors in the mysteries of space. Lucy is the latest addition to that effort.

The moon and Mars are many, this time the scientists went down directly in the solar system in search of ‘fossils’. As part of this project, a spacecraft was launched by NASA. The expedition has been named ‘Lucy’.

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Lucy was launched Saturday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA. It is known that the spacecraft will move towards Jupiter. Scientists say that many asteroids are orbiting Jupiter in its orbit. Two of these asteroids were born from fragments of the planet. Lucy will search these clusters. Scientists hope that research into those asteroids will reveal much more important information. This discovery could lead to important new information about the origin of the earth and the structure of the solar system.

NASA said Lucy would carry out the search for 12 years. At this time the spacecraft will work on seven asteroids orbiting Jupiter. According to NASA researchers, asteroids are made of carbon compounds. These will provide new insights into the life of the earth and the source of organic matter. Harold Levison, head of the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, said: ‘Asteroids are remnants of the early stages of our solar system. If you look at the fossils of our planet formation.

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