India'Soumya, an Ezhava woman who died in Israel, fell in love with...

‘Soumya, an Ezhava woman who died in Israel, fell in love with a Christian boy and was buried in a church’; Vellapally


  • Vellapally responds to love jihad controversy.
  • Most of the conversions are carried out by Christian missionaries.
  • Not all Christian denominations convert.

Alappuzha: SNDP general secretary Vellapally Nadesan said that the woman from Soumya Ezhava community who was killed in a rocket attack in Palestine in Israel was buried in a church. Soumya is the daughter of the Keerithode branch secretary of Idukki district. Vellapally said that the girl, who was taught like Ponnomana by her parents, fell in love with a Christian boy and got married.

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Ezhava youths are involved in kidnapping Catholic girls, says Fr. He was reacting to Roy Kannanchira’s controversial statement.

The body of Soumya, who died in a rocket attack by the Palestinians, was brought to Idukki from there and was buried in a church. As a Christian, he fell in love with an Ezhava woman who was brought up by her parents. Following Soumya’s death, the Israeli government provided financial assistance to the house at will. But Vellapally asked if Soumya’s husband had given anything to her father and mother for raising her.

The money received in Soumya’s name was taken only by her husband. The SNDP general secretary said that the husband, who was just at home, was living on his wife’s salary. Christian missionaries are the ones who are exploiting the scarcity and converting the most in this country. Christian missionaries are converting. It was the Christian missionaries who converted more than the Muslims. In this case, it is not right to make a statement targeting only the Muslim community. But not all Christian denominations encourage this. He also clarified that when the truth is told openly, he is being made a communalist.

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Not all Christian denominations convert. Many were converted due to their missionary work in India. So there can be no doubt that conversion is the most proselytizing Christian denomination when it comes to love jihad issues. While highlighting that one was taken away by Love Jihad, Vellapalli also asked why the other was not mentioned.

When we tell all these truths openly, we will become racists and others nationalists. Minorities are keeping national political parties at bay. The entire treasury of the country is being drained by claiming to be a minority. By being an organized vote bank, these people are going to enter the politics of power and get what they deserve and more. In this context, let us examine what justice has been done to other backward, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities, said Vellapally.

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All political parties are prostrating in front of the organized vote bank. The vote is important in a democracy. Fr. Roy Kannan Chira said it was a matter of culture. The reference to the Ezhava sect came from the side of a senior priest. Vellapally said that he should be removed from office.

It can be checked by considering whether more people have gone from the Christian sect to the Ezhava sect or to the Ezhava sect to the Christian sect. Vellapalli also alleged that Christians were carrying out more love jihad.

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