WorldSon disrupts minister's interview with 'sensitive' carrot

Son disrupts minister’s interview with ‘sensitive’ carrot

Carmel Sepuloni, Minister of Social Development, was participating in a live interview via Zoom software with Radio Samoa when her son opened the door and burst in. “The guy” held a carrot with a sensitive shape and tried to show it to his mother with great pleasure.

The son was delighted to show off his sensitively shaped carrot to his mother.

Mrs Carmel Sepuloni then posted the video on Twitter with the comment: “When you are doing a live interview via Zoom, and your son walks into the room screaming and holding a deformed carrot that looks like it male body parts. Mother and daughter are like fighting for carrots on camera, and now it’s funny to tell about it, but it wasn’t at the time.”

Ms Sepuloni has issued a “warning” to parents who are working from home.

“A lesson for all parents who work from home and raise their children at the same time.” “I will remind myself that I will never buy that oddly shaped carrot pack again,” she said.

The son disrupted the minister's interview with a 'sensitive' carrot - photo 2

Two reluctant guests in Professor Robert Kelly’s interview with the BBC.

In the past, there have been many bad and funny incidents on television where the “culprits” were children. Professor Robert Kelly was discussing Korean politics on BBC when the reluctant guest, his son, wandered into the frame. The son of Sky News foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes asked for “two cookies” while his mother was in the middle of a live broadcast.


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