WorldSoldier, 3 terrorists killed in clashes in western Pakistan

Soldier, 3 terrorists killed in clashes in western Pakistan

AA / Islamabad

A Pakistani soldier and 3 terrorists were killed in clashes that took place on Saturday in Balochistan province, southwest Pakistan.

The Pakistani Army Public Relations Unit said in a statement on Saturday that clashes had taken place between security forces and terrorists in the Shahrig district of Balochistan.

The statement said the clashes resulted in the death of one soldier and the injury of another, in addition to the elimination of 3 terrorists.

The statement did not mention any information about the organization to which the terrorists belong.

The region is the scene of attacks against civilians and security forces claimed by terrorists belonging to the “Balochistan Liberation Army”.

The Balochistan Liberation Army is an armed organization calling for the autonomy of the region (south-west), and contests its “forced” annexation to Pakistan after the latter’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.

* Translated from Arabic by Wejden Jlassi

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