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Solar Storms: Why the storm on the sun threatens the Internet on Earth? Know the full story

One of the most beautiful sights seen in the sky are Aurora which are also known as Northern and Southern Lights. From photographers to astronomers, these are not only captivating sights, but they are also very interesting from a scientific point of view. With the help of these colored lights, we get important information not only about the earth but also about the atmosphere of the sun. Do you know that this glow, which makes the sky like magic, actually comes from the storms that rise on the sun? How are these storms born and what are their effects on the earth, let us know.

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According to the US space agency NASA, solar storms usually move at a speed of 10-20 million miles per hour. They actually come from the coronal holes of the sun where the outer layer of the sun is cold, dense and dark. Radiation from the nearest star along with the solar winds brings charged particles to Earth. At the same time, due to the explosion in the sun, coronal mass ejections also come out of them. Due to this, the charged particles travel in space and come towards the earth at a very high speed. When they collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, energy is released in the form of light. These are called Aurora. Northern Lights or Aurora borealis and Southern Lights or Aurora australis look like a laser light show in the sky.

What is the effect on Earth?

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Although the Earth’s magnetic field protects humans from dangerous radiation coming from the sun, but solar storms can have an effect on technology based on satellites. Due to the solar wind, the outer atmosphere of the Earth can be heated, which can affect the satellites. This can cause interference with GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. The current in power lines can be high, which can also blow transformers.

Such storms are extremely rare. Their effect has been seen on Earth in 1859 and 1921. Similarly, in the year 1859, the most powerful geomagnetic storm, which destroyed the telegraph network in Europe and America. During this, some operators said that they had suffered an electric shock, while some others told that they are using their equipment without a battery. The Northern Lights were so bright that people across Northwestern America were able to read newspapers at night. A low intensity solar storm also occurred in 1989.

Underwater cable bearing

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Their intensity can be understood through their effect on the electrical grid and the Internet. According to Sangeeta’s research, the impact on Asia will be less because Singapore is the hub of underwater cables and it is on the equator, but away from here, the impact will be more on the cables lying in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Scientists say that in today’s time the world has become very dependent on computers and automation. In such a situation, this time the result of a solar storm can be more frightening than the previous storm. When a solar storm occurs, the satellites orbiting our space can be affected and due to this our communication and GPS systems can come to a standstill. (Photo: Reuters)

Why is the sky of the poles bathed in the rain of colored lights?

Why is the sky of the poles bathed in the rain of colored lights?


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