Lifestyle“Sobs girl” Jun Ji Hyun is forever young with chic fashion sense

“Sobs girl” Jun Ji Hyun is forever young with chic fashion sense

Although he did not act in many movies, any work with the participation of Jun Ji Hyun became blockbusters and explosions on the screen, such as: Why brought me here, Legend of the Blue Sea. The “TV queen” born in 1981 is still in the top of the highest paid actresses in the Korean entertainment industry.

Before she suddenly became an Asian star, with a beautiful appearance and ideal height, Jun Ji Hyun was suggested by many friends to be a model and actress, but the young girl’s teenage dream was to become a TV actress. airline member.

Any products that appear in Jun Ji Hyun’s movies, from fried chicken, lipstick to fashion, are quickly hunted to become a hot trend with young people.

Jun Ji Hyun on the magazine Vogue Taiwan October issue.

Jun Ji Hyun always maintains a balance between work and life. The beauty is known for her disciplined lifestyle and is always concerned about health. She once revealed that she always wakes up at 6am every day to exercise. The actress has beautiful, flawless skin.

Appear in magazine Vogue Taiwan October issue, Jun Ji Hyun shows off her beautiful youthful figure in Alexander McQueen’s luxurious floral dress.


In 2012, the Korean beauty married her longtime friend – Choi Joon Hyuk and now has 2 sons. Jun Ji Hyun is the advertising face of many famous fashion brands and she herself is one of the famous actresses with exquisite dress sense, “brand lady”.

After many years of being loyal to her long straight hair, she changed to a short hairstyle, making her appearance even more youthful despite being 39 years old. A few days ago, she appeared at a press conference to launch a new movie Jirisan. In the movie, the beauty is paired with actor Joo Ji Hoon. The actress wore a “black tree” with a bra, cropped blazer and fancy slanted midi skirt, showing off her admirably flat and toned waist.

Recently, the “sob girl” has a bunch of cool fashion photos in the magazine Vogue Taiwan October issue. Jun Ji Hyun flaunts her slim, well-proportioned figure, enchanting star charisma with a powerful black suit, elegant floral dress by Alexander McQueen…

Source: Sina, Vogue