EntertainmentSneaking into artist Ngoc Huyen's house, bowing to Buddha before taking things...

Sneaking into artist Ngoc Huyen’s house, bowing to Buddha before taking things away

On July 9, 2021, on her personal page, artist Ngoc Huyen posted a clip taken from the security camera in her house in Ho Chi Minh City with the sharing line: “The thief sneaked into my house during the epidemic season. but still know how to bow to the Buddha before stealing things to take away.”
The image in the video also shows a person sneaking into the house wearing a helmet and carrying a backpack. When he approached the altar, this person folded his hands and bowed and took away the incense burner and the Buddha image. After putting the items in the bag, the person continued to search several places in the house before leaving. The whole process was recorded by security cameras. Details and sharing of Ngoc Huyen after the theft invite the audience to watch the video.


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