India'Smoke' at home now; Uber goes to the marijuana business and...

‘Smoke’ at home now; Uber goes to the marijuana business and delivers home if ordered


  • Uber turns to cannabis sales.
  • The first phase of sales is in Ontario, Canada.
  • Sales start with a special section on Apple.

Ontario: Food delivery app Uber is turning to cannabis sales. The BBC reports that cannabis can now be ordered and purchased in Ontario, Canada, where cannabis is legal. Uber has partnered with Tokyo Smook, a company that sells cannabis legally in the country.

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Cannabis can be booked through a special section on the Uber Eats app. Tokyo Smoke is the largest cannabis retailer in the country. Transactions should be initiated only after verification of information including age. Apple will have a system that can verify the age. The company clarified that orders can be accepted within an hour once the verification is completed.

Uber aims to expand its cannabis sales to Ontario in the first phase and then to various parts of Canada. But Uber is not ready to give an exact answer to the question of whether it will expand its deals to other countries, including the United States.

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Although cannabis use has been legal in Canada since 2018, Uber has announced that it will continue to sell cannabis, although it is still illegal to supply it to consumers. It is a headache for the government that the incidents of smuggling and smuggling of cannabis are rampant. Meanwhile, Uber arrives on the scene. Uber said in a press release that the smuggling of cannabis is rampant in the country and that the facility to order and purchase cannabis is being set up to curb this.

Uber said the decision was made after examining the legal issues involved in delivering cannabis to customers. Dara Khoroshahi, the company’s CEO, has not ruled out the possibility that the situation where cannabis can be ordered and purchased extends to the United States. Uber said Monday that the decision to sell cannabis would help it buy cannabis legally. More than 40 per cent of cannabis sales in the country are reported to be illegal. Responses to and against Uber’s statement that cannabis will be delivered are widespread.

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Cannabis trade is widespread in Canada. It is estimated that the country has a turnover of US $ 4 billion (2.7 trillion rupees) every year. Cannabis use in the country has been on the rise in recent months, with restrictions including lockdowns as part of the Covid-19 regulation. It is expected to generate $ 6.7 billion (Rs 4.98 trillion) in transactions next year.

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