SportsSmiles and tears

Smiles and tears

Joy is a feeling that manifests itself in a clear and unstoppable way when the result has accompanied without nuances, as in the case of Yulimar Rojas after obtaining the gold and the world record. But if there were a device that could quantify it, we would see that the result is not always proportional to the sporting value of what was achieved in the competition. It will depend on the expectations you have. There will be those who lament for being Olympic runner-up, and instead, we will find those who cannot be delighted to reach a semifinal. The path traveled will also be important: injuries overcome, confinements, mistakes … yesterday a South American jumper, a finalist in Rio, told me how difficult the past months had been for him and the satisfaction that the simple fact of being in Tokyo gave him.

It is common to observe that the feeling of joy is accompanied by its antagonistic, sadness. Eusebio Cáceres, after countless injuries, made a memorable performance in the final of the long jump and was fourth. In his statements he went from satisfaction to regret continuously. On the one hand, he was left out of the medals when he was fourth, which is an excellent position but one that someone spoiled one good day by designing a podium that only fit three. On the other hand, he expressed his satisfaction by jumping more than ever in recent seasons and also on the most important day, in the final of a Games. But the biggest frustration is probably not being able to reach the distance he knows is worth. The athlete, due to the sensations and training, knows the potential that he treasures and being unable to take it out generates a lot of anguish.

In the junior category, Ana Peleteiro and Eusebio have a history full of medals and international records, they have been among our best young people. And it is a great joy to observe that years later, and despite the difficulties, they have not stayed on the road.

Ramón Cid, Olympic tripler in Moscow 80 and former technical director of the Spanish Athletics Federation, currently coaches María Vicente and Teresa Errandonea.

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