TechnologySmart Factory, partnership between Zerynth and Davra is born

Smart Factory, partnership between Zerynth and Davra is born

Transforming the myth of the Smart Factory into reality, facilitating the interconnection of data in complex environments such as that of the Industrial IoT. It is the goal of partnership between the innovative company Zerynth, which supports companies in the digitalization of industrial processes, and Davra, platform for the rapid development of IoT applications and included by Gartner in the ‘Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms’. The deal was presented at IoThings World, the most important Italian event in the field of IoT technologies that is taking place in Milan.

Thanks to the partnership it will therefore be possible for manufacturing entrepreneurs who would like to use public incentives, first among all the measures foreseen by the Pnrr, “to innovate and connect their own machinery, even old ones, reducing investment costs for new machinery and shortening implementation times” explain the two technological players linked to the world of the Internet of Things.

“In fact, the Industry 4.0 revolution has not yet taken place: industrial machinery – explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth – they have an average of 20 years of life, 27% of companies have failed the introduction of IoT technologies and there are an average of 500,000 euros in annual losses per company due to the lack of integration between systems “.

The two technology companies therefore explain that, as part of the partnership, Zerynth customers will be able to send the collected data through its sensors to the Davra Aep platform and automatically receive them on the platform to be able to manipulate, view, forward them to other systems. TOAt the same time, it will be possible for Davra customers to take advantage of the power and versatility of embedded devices of Zerynth within integrated applications created on the Aep platform and command actions on Zerynth devices.

“Through this partnership we aim to ensure a fast, flexible and secure digital transformation for companies, supporting entrepreneurs as much as possible in the transition to industry 4.0 “underlines Andrea Galizia, Director of strategic partnerships at Zerynth. The manager adds that “Zerynth’s IoT platform makes it possible to digitize industrial processes through the acquisition of data, both from modern and old generation machinery, enabling interconnection and integration with company information and logistics systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective. “Thanks to the partnership with Davra – he adds – it will be even easier and quick to realize IoT applications by integrating heterogeneous data sources from machinery and from other company databases such as Crm and Erp “.

“We are very satisfied with this partnership that allows us to extend the flexibility of our platform and our IoT solutions to the embedded world and allow Italian companies to seize the opportunities of the NRP ” comments Pual Glynn, CEO of Davra. “The incentives for innovation are concrete but – observes Glynn – it is necessary to provide entrepreneurs with solutions with rapid implementation times that allow for a return on investment in the medium term, such as the one that arises from the integration between Zerynth and Davra “.