IndiaSmall plane crashes into houses; Two deaths

Small plane crashes into houses; Two deaths

LOS ANGELES: A small plane crashed into a house in California, killing two people. The accident happened in a populated area of ​​the city, the news agency AFP reported. Two houses and several vehicles were destroyed in the accident. The accident happened on Monday. Footage of the fire at the scene of the accident has been released. The video released shows fire and smoke rising from the houses. People standing nearby can also be seen in the scenes.

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The six-seater Cessna 340 small plane crashed. This is a flight from Yuma, Arizona. The report also states that the twin engine plane was involved in the accident. However, the video does not show the wreckage of the plane at the scene. Two people were killed in the crash, fire chief Justin Matsushita said. A body was found in a nearby burning truck. He was the truck driver who was at the scene of the accident.

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The plane crashed near a school. However, the school authorities said that there was no problem in the school and all the children were safe. Neighbors say they heard a loud noise around noon and the plane crashed.

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