IndiaSkeletons under the house; Another murder 2 years later; Young...

Skeletons under the house; Another murder 2 years later; Young man arrested


  • Police arrested the youth
  • The case has been pending for two years
  • Defendant arrested in friend murder case

Noida: A man allegedly killed and buried his wife and two children to prevent them from having an affair. Police found the remains of three bodies under the floor of a house in Noida yesterday. The accused in the case is 35 years old.

The case comes to light three years after the incident. Defendant left his ID card with the body after killing his friend to forge evidence that he was dead. But after this attempt failed, other murders came to light.

Police in Kasganj and Noida on Wednesday night collected the remains from the floor of the house. Samples have been sent for DNA testing to confirm that the deceased was the young man’s wife and children. The accused youth was arrested by Kasganj police.

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Police said he was in love with a police officer in Uttar Pradesh. According to police, the young man was killed to marry the woman. Police believe that relatives of the accused, including his father, were also involved in the murder. The incident is being investigated.

The accused in the case is Rakesh, a resident of Chipayana Busurg village in Bisrak in Greater Noida. He was married in 2021 to Ratnesh, a native of Ita. But the young man used to quarrel with them. He killed his wife and two children on February 14, 2018, police said. A 2-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl were killed. The bodies were then buried inside the house, police said. But he told the story that his wife and children had been abducted by some people.

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After convincing the locals that his wife was missing, the accused lodged a false complaint with the police against some of his relatives. However, the girl’s family believed that the young man was involved in the disappearance of the girl and her children. The girl’s family had also informed the police about the incident. But the police were not able to crack the case.

But police say another murder committed by the young man to end these problems helped prove the case. Police say he killed one of his friends in Kasganj last April to make it look like he was killed. He then hid his identity card in the body. However, Rakesh was arrested by the police in connection with the murder.

Later, the police questioned him and the old case also took a turn. He confessed to police that he had killed his wife and children two years ago. Officers then searched the home and found the skeletons.

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