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Skardu Airbase: Pakistan built second runway at Skardu Airbase, 155 km from Srinagar, satellite image uncovered the poll

Keeping a nefarious eye on Kashmir, Pakistan is upgrading the Skardu airbase at a distance of 155 km from Srinagar. A recent satellite imagery has revealed that the Pakistani Air Force has almost completed the work of the second runway at the Skardu airbase. Pakistan has deployed a squadron of JF-17 fighter jets at this airbase.

Second runway almost complete
Satellite imagery by open source intelligence analyst Detresfa states that considerable work has been done on the second runway at Skardu airbase. In May 2020, Detresfa itself gave information about the upgradation of this airbase for the first time. The Pakistan Air Force also joins China in the operation of the Skardu airbase. Many Chinese aircraft have also been seen at this airbase.

Skardu Airport is strategically important
Strategically located in Skardu of PoK, this airport of Pakistan Air Force is of great importance. The distance from here to Srinagar and Leh is only 200 kms. After taking off from here, Pakistani fighter aircraft can enter Indian airspace in hardly 5 minutes. However, they cannot penetrate the Indian Air Defense stationed on the border.

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Fuel station and weapons depot were also built
An underground fuel station and weapons depot have also been constructed at this new airport in Skardu. Pakistan also wants to monitor the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor from here. Please tell that Pakistan’s civil airport already exists in Skardu.

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Fears of deployment of Chinese planes
It is also feared that this airbase located in PoK can also be used by the Chinese Air Force for the security of CPEC. This will also increase India’s security concerns. In the past, many Chinese aircraft and UAVs have been seen at this airport.

Pak secretly building military airbase in PoK, satellite image revealed
AWACS deployed at Minhas Air Force Base
Pakistan has deployed a new fleet of AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) recently procured from Sweden’s Saab Aerospace at the Minhas Air Force Base. This airbase is located at a distance of 222 km from Srinagar, India. In such a situation, Pakistan’s move may be to keep an eye on India’s operational flights in Kashmir and Ladakh.

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what is awax system
AWACS or Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft are a very important part of modern warfare. By the time ground-based radars can spot attackers, fighter planes, cruise missiles, and drones, they find them before they can. Apart from this, they are able to easily differentiate between enemy and friend fighter planes. With their help, every movement of the enemy can be monitored.