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Since Dang Thu Thao, which beauty queens have found happiness after the breakup?

In recent days, the information that Miss Ocean 2014 Dang Thu Thao and her husband officially divorced after 3 years of living together and having 2 children together has attracted the attention of the opinion. On December 4, 2021, the beauty also had a press conference to share her tearful marriage. Dang Thu Thao said that period was like a nightmare for her. Now that she has come out of her mental crisis, she has the courage to share it with the public.

Dang Thu Thao also confirmed that she had been divorced for nearly half a year and had cut off contact with her husband’s family and no longer cared about her ex. She emphasized that publicizing her own unhappy story is a way to help women in the same situation have more motivation and strength to get out of the dark of marriage instead of enduring like her for a long time. .


Dang Thu Thao’s sharing has made many people feel sad. It is often said that “the red face is unlucky”, in fact, many queens have also fallen into love affairs. However, many people have overcome and found a loving half and have a full life. For more details, please watch the video.