LifestyleSimple but charming "deadly" photo set of Si Thanh

Simple but charming “deadly” photo set of Si Thanh

After more than 4 months of isolation at home to fight the Pandemic, singer Si Thanh and the crew made a set of photos to mark a special comeback date.

Feminine spirit, liberality, simplicity but sweetness exuding a “deadly” charm are what the audience can see through Si Thanh’s new set of photos on the occasion of October 20.

Simple but charming

On elegant monochrome colors such as: White, blue, green… Si Thanh shows the image of a modern, active and positive girl. That girl is not too fussy but always knows how to make herself “shine” in the crowd.

Simple but charming

Being back with the daily routine after days of separation, Si Thanh is very happy. However, she is also grateful for the valuable time she has spent with her mother. For female singers, mother is the most important person. Mother has diabetes and is a vegetarian, so the menu and dishes every day must be carefully and carefully processed to avoid health effects. Si Thanh likes to research and research drugs and functional foods to buy for her mother to use. I hope to take my mother to travel abroad soon, but with the current situation, it is a bit difficult. Temporarily, mother and daughter will go out in the country on a suitable occasion,” Si Thanh said.


Simple but charming

In addition to marking the return after 4 months of separation, the set of photos is also a gift that Si Thanh gives to all female viewers on the occasion of October 20. “Every girl has the right to be proud of herself. In order to live a happy life, we must always know how to keep our energy fresh, positive and optimistic in every situation. And then, you will be able to “seduce” the whole world”, Si Thanh confided.

Photo: Tri Nghia

Stylist: Pham Bao Luan

Make-up: Sol

Hairdresser: Pom