SportsSimeone: "We are strong"

Simeone: “We are strong”

At times, Diego Pablo Simeone seemed possessed by the atmosphere that generated in the stands of the Metropolitano that his team managed to equal the two goals with which Liverpool seemed to announce a beating. Several times, the rojiblanco coach left his technical zone to chase Carrasco while he invited him to drive and face Alisson’s area. Simeone enjoyed the reaction of his team, to which he granted more importance than the referee’s decisions regarding the expulsion of Griezmann and the correction of the penalty he pointed out on Giménez and ended up canceling after consulting the VAR. “You can see me complain and protest on the field, but the referees are wrong like us. He interpreted Griezmann’s expulsion differently from how we do it, who believe that Antoine did not see Firmino. In Milan, the expulsion of the rival favored us and this time it was the other way around ”, Simeone wanted to settle.

“I would not be left alone with such a simple phrase, good or bad luck. They started much better, with good dynamics and a lot of forcefulness in front of goal. The first two who shot scored a goal ”, analyzed the Argentine coach.

Simeone was proud of the reaction of his players despite the superiority with which Liverpool prevailed at the start of the game. “Another team would have possibly fallen apart and the opposite happened. We responded very well. We started to win duels, to have better possession and to attack where we knew we could do damage, ”continued Cholo, who recounted the match on the run. “1-2 appeared, 2-2 came, we had chances from Lemar and João. The second half began and we had one more chance with Carrasco and then Hermoso’s penalty, which was, ”admitted the rojiblanco coach.

The main feeling that the game left for Simeone was that Atlético “is strong, because it’s not easy to beat Liverpool four times.” Cholo said he was convinced that few teams have forced Liverpool to defend themselves so much so far this season. “I have seen six or seven of their games and it is not easy to do what we did to them. They thought that with 2-0 they were going to score five or six and it wasn’t like that ”.

No final greeting with Klopp

Simeone explained the bad start of the game for his team from the intensity: “We said it in the previous one, we had to match them in the rhythm and in the duels because if not, it is difficult to beat them. When we did, we were able to play the game we had planned. Griezmann, who is screwed for leaving the team with ten, associated well with João and Lemar and made the game that can be expected of him.

Asked if he was happy about the image his team had given, Simeone replied with a smile: “I’m only happy when I win, even if the team plays ugly or ugly. Yes I can be satisfied because we compete, but not happy ”. The defeat leaves Atlético second in the group tied at four points with Porto, which defeated Milan. “From here to the end everything will be great in terms of emotion because we are going to take points between all of us. We now have to go to Anfield and Porto to Milan and see what happens, but this is not going to be resolved until the end ”. On not greeting Klopp at the end of the match, Cholo explained his custom: “I never greet the rival coach at the end of the match whether he has won or lost. I understand that it is a greeting with forceps because the one who wins is one way and the one who loses another ”.

Less diplomatic than Simeone with the refereeing was the central Felipe: “I think the referee has hurt us, it was a different game when Griezmann received the red card. I think he’s trying to control, he’s looking at the ball. It is not so bad, yellow was good ”.

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