India'Silver line in the sky': Congress proposes alternative to high-speed rail line

‘Silver line in the sky’: Congress proposes alternative to high-speed rail line

Thiruvananthapuram: The Congress has come up with an alternative to the Silver Line Expressway envisaged by the Kerala government. KPCC president K Sudhakaran’s new proposal comes amid a Congress-led strike in several parts of the state against the survey ahead of the project. Sudhakaran is proposing a new airline network connecting Kerala from north to south, replacing the new Greenfield Railroad. K Sudhakaran presented his new proposal on the Let’s Talk Politics program which is being telecast on YouTube.

K Sudhakaran described the new project as Fly in Kerala. Sudhakaran pointed out that the Kerala government could buy a few of its own aircraft and operate services connecting various airports. Sudhakaran said the construction cost of the Silver Line would be over Rs 1 lakh crore but the airline project could be realized for less than Rs 1,000 crore.

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K Sudhakaran argued that the existing airports could be used and the service could be made a reality by purchasing about 10 small aircraft owned by the Kerala government. When he went to South Africa 13 years ago, he saw a similar project. No check-in luggage is required to arrive 40 minutes early. Just like taking a bus ticket, you can get to the airport just before departure. K Sudhakaran said that there is no need to wait for extra time and it will take three hours to reach Thiruvananthapuram from Kasargod. He said airports could be built in other districts if needed and it would not cost more. K Sudhakaran said that the project would cost only Rs 1000 crore and even if the project collapses, there will be no big loss.

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K Sudhakaran said that although the government has said that the K Rail project will cost Rs 64,000 crore, it will increase many times over in the evening. Sudhakaran said the government should abandon the K Rail Silver Line project, which is a huge financial burden on the state and require land acquisition, and try to implement a new air transport project.

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