IndiaSika virus: Health minister urges govt to take precautionary measures in all...

Sika virus: Health minister urges govt to take precautionary measures in all districts


  • Sika virus has been confirmed in the state.
  • The government has issued a warning.
  • Health Minister warns against Sika virus

New Delhi: Health Minister Veena George has asked the state government to be vigilant in the event of a woman being diagnosed with the Sica virus. Sika virus should be avoided as it affects pregnant women more. The minister said vigilance has been issued to all districts.

Sika virus first confirmed in Kerala; Vigilance was ordered
Sika virus has been confirmed for the first time in Kerala. Of the 13 reported cases of syphilis, there has been no official confirmation. Their test report is required from the Institute of Virology, Pune. Most of them are health workers from Thiruvananthapuram.

The disease was confirmed in a 24-year-old woman from Parashala who was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. The woman gave birth on July 7. The delivery was normal. The health department said there was no need to worry about their health and that the mother and baby were fine.

The woman, who has been diagnosed with the Sika virus, lives in a border area near Tamil Nadu. The health department has issued special precautions in these areas. On June 28, the woman was admitted to the hospital with fever, headache and red spots. The samples were sent to the Institute of Virology, Pune, on suspicion of hospital tests.

malayalam samayamWhat is the Sika virus? How to prevent it, what are the symptoms
There is no specific treatment for the Sica virus, which is transmitted by E. coli mosquitoes. Treat only on the basis of symptoms. Syphilis has similar symptoms to dengue and chicken pox.

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