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Sialkot Explosion: Massive explosion in the warehouse of army explosives in Pakistan’s Sialkot city, the area trembled

There has been a huge explosion in the weapons warehouse of the Pakistan Army in the city of Sialkot in the Punjab province of Pakistan. After these blasts, a fire broke out inside the military base. The reasons for the blasts are yet to be ascertained. Shells were falling everywhere in the area and the general public is in panic. There has been no statement from the Pakistan Army about these blasts so far.

It is seen in the viral video of this incident that bombs are exploding like firecrackers. Many shells are also seen going to the surrounding area. Rishi Suri, editor of Pakistani newspaper Daily Milap, tweeted that there have been several explosions in the military base of Sialkot. Preliminary investigation has revealed that it is a weapons storage area. Flames are visible everywhere. The reasons for the incident are yet to be ascertained.

Many videos of this incident are being shared on social media. It is being claimed that some foreign object first fell on the Sialkot Ordnance Depot of the Pakistan Army, after which it caught fire. In the Ordnance Depot, the whole area was shaken by the explosions several times one after the other. People came out of their homes and started getting information about the incident. The Cantonment area of ​​Sialkot is one of the oldest military bases of the Pakistan Army. It is completely adjacent to the city. It was built by the British Indian Army in the year 1852.