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Showbiz in the time of Covid: Why did JayKii release a broken MV?

After a successful comeback with “The Bigger, the Lonelier” at the end of May, on July 7, 2021, JayKii “hit” fans with a new music product he composed and performed called ” Who’s weak to see.”

Sharing about the reason for the sudden MV release, JayKii said: “During this difficult period because of the pandemic, JayKii wants to give something special to his audience. a spiritual gift, the title of the song is also an advice to everyone to stay strong in both love and life. JayKii hopes the song will be loved and received by the audience’.

JayKii also revealed that the MV was filmed a long time before Ho Chi Minh City implemented directive 15, but it has only been released until now. Let’s meet JayKii to see what he’s doing these days, how is his relationship with Mai Anh, and especially enjoy the male singer’s live voice with the new song in the show “Showbiz in the Covid era”. Please!


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