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Showbiz in the time of Covid: Chau Dang Khoa, Sofia reveal touchingly about ‘No one will be left behind’

On the evening of September 17, 2021, the song “No one will be left behind”, the latest composition by musician Chau Dang Khoa, was officially released through the voice of “rookie” Vpop Sofia. filled with messages of humanity and humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Set in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic with touching stories about human love, the song recalls many good traditions of Vietnamese people through each song such as “A torn leaf can still be loved.” ; “Relatives of the village, even if the fire turns off the lights, they still have each other”; “Love each other like a long-standing pumpkin”…

The MV also conveys the true spirit of the song with emotional moments about the frontline against the epidemic, the doctors, volunteers and the lives of F0s in the isolation wards and field hospitals that were sent to the audience. fake. At the same time, there are also videos recording the scene of the artist singing at the field hospital, everyone giving out charity gifts, helping the disadvantaged.


Not only that, the MV also gathers 35 Vietnamese artists from many fields such as singers Thu Minh, Dong Nhi, Wowy, Phan Manh Quynh, Van Mai Huong, actors Cat Tuong, Bao Thanh, Nam Thu… appeared for a few short seconds, but the artists sent encouragement to everyone through the pieces of paper in their hands. In particular, there were also the appearance of two Vietnamese artists who used to be F0, musician Pham Toan Thang and actor Anh Duc. All revenue from the project is supported by Chau Dang Khoa and Sofia for the victims of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Interesting stories about the MV making process will be shared by musician Chau Dang Khoa and singer Sofia in Showbiz during Covid. Invite the audience to follow!