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Should I stop wearing masks? What do experts say about the end of the legal obligation in many countries?

At the peak of the corona Pandemic, the whole world made wearing masks mandatory. Now as the pace of the Pandemic is slowing down, countries are also waiving the ban on wearing masks. In such a situation, the big question arises that should we stop wearing masks? But before taking any decision, please take expert advice. Maximilian Keener, a senior scientist at the University of Oxford, UK, has expressed his opinion about wearing a mask.

British scientist gave example of 66 year old incident
Maximilian Keener gave an example to explain that on December 1, 1955, in Alabama, USA, Ross Parks broke a law, but she was no ordinary criminal. He simply refused to give his seat on the bus to a white man and was arrested for that reason alone. Parks became a heroine as she raised her voice against wrongdoing for the rights of black people.

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Parks taught us that we should not take the law too seriously, because a legal restriction is not always a moral restriction. In fact, there may be cases when we should do what is forbidden by law. We too can learn from the teachings of Parks and there is another situation in which we should not take the law too seriously. Legal restrictions (such as not sitting in seats reserved for white people) do not always dictate what we should do, so there are times when legal permission or authority cannot dictate what is morally acceptable to us. from what is appropriate.

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Exemption for not wearing masks in Britain, but this is not right
The UK government has allowed its citizens to go to public places without wearing a mask, despite the rising rate of corona virus infection. Does this permission mean that the people of England have a good reason not to wear masks? I do not think so. Just as what was legally prohibited for parks was not morally prohibited, so something allowed under the law does not make it morally justified. There is a big difference between having the right to do something and the right to do that work.

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Not wearing a mask can increase the risk of infection
For example, let’s say you are on a crowded train. Some passengers may be at high risk of COVID-19, but it is difficult to know who such passengers are. We do not know whether a person is suffering from a serious disease like diabetes, or who has not been vaccinated. Only by wearing masks can we save lives of people without putting ourselves in trouble.

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use intelligence not legal rights
To beat the corona virus global pandemic, we sometimes need to use common sense instead of exercising our legal rights. If we believe that having legal rights can solve the problem and if we follow rules that are not fair enough to guide us, we may fail morally.

Wear a mask and protect yourself from corona infection
Thinking for yourself does not mean thinking only of yourself. We also have to think of each other, show solidarity and contribute in tackling the global pandemic. Only the government cannot deal with this crisis. We must sometimes go beyond our legal duties to be morally just.

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