IndiaShooting at a Russian university; 8 Death, students jumping out of...

Shooting at a Russian university; 8 Death, students jumping out of window to escape


  • Shooting at a Russian university
  • Eight people were killed and several others were injured
  • Police say the attacker was subdued

MOSCOW: At least eight people have been killed in an unidentified shooting at Pem University in Russia. Seven people were injured in the violence, RT News reported. The assailant opened fire on the university campus on Monday morning. He was later reportedly subdued by police. It has not been confirmed whether there were reports that the student was shot by the same university student.

The incident took place at Pem State University in the Pem Krai region. According to preliminary reports, the assailant arrived at the university around 11 am with a gun. The shooting started shortly after. The panicked students jumped out of the windows. Many people who jumped in this way were injured.

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“Some students hid inside the university auditorium to escape the attackers. Some students jumped out of windows. Top officials returned to the scene,” the Russian news agency Tass reported, citing sources.

RT News also published footage of students jumping out of windows. Students who jumped in this way were also seriously injured. The death toll is expected to rise.

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Pictures of the assailant in a black suit and helmet have also surfaced. Preliminary reports say the attacker was an 18-year-old student at the same university. Investigative committee member Svetlana Petrenko told the media that the attacker had been subdued and that he too had been injured during the arrest. The official added that further investigation is underway. The Indian Embassy in Russia condemned the violence.

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