IndiaShooting and murder 12 years ago; Life sentence for 10 members...

Shooting and murder 12 years ago; Life sentence for 10 members of a family, court orders

Morona: 10 members of a family sentenced to life imprisonment for murder 12 years ago. Family members of Manoj Gurjar, a resident of Morona district in Madhya Pradesh, have been sentenced to life imprisonment. The second additional judge of the Jaura Town Court ordered the 10 accused to pay a fine of Rs 4,000 each.

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The court on Monday handed down a verdict in a murder case that took place years ago. The court held that the charges against the accused had been proved. The murder took place on November 3, 2010 in the village of Tikrauli.

Manoj Gurjar and his family had been at loggerheads with the slain Sivakumar for years. On the day of the incident, Sivakumar, who was returning home from the shop, was surrounded by Manoj Gurjar and his gang. During the clash, Manoj Gurjar fired at Sivakumar. Public Prosecutor Anil Agarwal said the accused had fled the scene after the incident.

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The death of Sivakumar, who was shot, was soon confirmed. Examination revealed that the accused had fired shots from close range. Police have registered a case of murder against Gurjar and his family members. The investigation has revealed that there was a problem between the slain Sivakumar and Manoj Gurjar for years. According to the police report, a long-running dispute led to the murder.

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