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Shock to Taliban: Government not formed, 600 fighters also killed, now Iran has demanded ‘democracy’


  • One after the other, the Taliban are getting major setbacks, 600 fighters killed in Panjshir
  • Despite repeated efforts, the Taliban government could not be formed last week
  • Iran demands government elected ‘by the will of the people’ in Afghanistan

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Taliban to capture Panjshir in Afghanistan. Panjshir’s rebel forces claim to have killed nearly 600 Taliban fighters so far. According to Sputnik News, spokesman of the opposition forces Faheem Dashti tweeted, “Around 600 Taliban terrorists have been eliminated since morning in different districts of Panjshir. More than 1000 Talibanis have been captured or surrendered.

Taliban still out of control
Panjshir is the only province in the entire country that is not under Taliban control. The Taliban claimed occupation of the valley, which was rejected by Amrullah Saleh. Panjshir is a stronghold of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, which is led by Ahmed Masood and the acting President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh. Both sides are claiming their victory in the battle.
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Taliban claim to occupy districts
Although no one has any proof, only claims. A Taliban official said fighting in Panjshir was ongoing but slowed down due to landmines laying on the road leading to the capital Bazarak and the provincial governor’s compound, Al Jazeera reported. Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said Khinj and Unaba districts had been captured, giving the Taliban control of four of the seven districts.

Talibanis left weapons and vehicles
The spokesman said Taliban fighters were moving towards the center of the province. On the other hand, the National Resistance Front claims that “thousands of terrorists” have been surrounded in the Khawak Pass and the Taliban have abandoned vehicles and equipment in the Dasht Rewak area. Dashti said clashes are continuing on a large scale. Ahmed Masood said in a Facebook post that, ‘Panjshir stands firm.’ Saleh said it was a difficult time for the rebel forces.
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Taliban is unable to form government
Saleh said in a video message, ‘The situation is very difficult. The protest is on and will continue. Panjshir is not the only problem for the Taliban. The group is also currently facing the challenges of government formation. The Taliban is constantly postponing the formation of its government. An official statement on Saturday said that now the government will be formed after two-three days. Some sources claim that talks between the Taliban and the Haqqani network are not working out over the distribution of positions.

Iran appeals for elections
The Taliban may have captured Afghanistan, but its bad days are not taking the name of the end. On the one hand a large number of his fighters have been killed and on the other hand he is unable to form the government. Now the group has got the next blow from Iran. Iran has called for the formation of a people-elected government in Afghanistan.

Iran has expressed hope that elections are vital to Afghanistan’s successful future and that peace will be restored in the country. Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi, while talking to the media, said that a government should be formed in Afghanistan, which is elected by the votes and will of the people. We support the government elected by the people.

Taliban Government

Taliban government is not being formed (symbolic photo)


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