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Shiite politicians in Iraq except Sadr ‘will not recognize the final election results’

Iraqi High Election Commission (YSK), preparing to announce the final results of the general elections held in the country, the umbrella organization of Shiite politicians other than the leader of the Sadr Movement, Muqtada es-Sadr, stated that they would not recognize the final results.

In a statement made by the umbrella organization “Coordination Group”, which includes Shiite political and militia leaders, “We expected the YSK to rectify the violations during the vote count. However, we reject all the results to be announced due to its insistence on revealing the results that do not reflect the truth.” it was said.

It was stated in the statement that the YSK was held responsible for the mismanagement of the elections, and it was claimed that this would have a negative impact on democracy and social reconciliation.

In the early general elections held in Iraq on October 10, Sadr Group, which is affiliated to Sadr, won 73 seats according to the inconclusive results, while the Fatah Coalition, which includes the Hashd al-Shaabi groups supported by Iran, was able to get 14 deputies. The alliance of former Prime Minister Haydar Abadi and Shiite religious and political leader Ammar Hekim was able to win 4 seats.

The Shiite groups in question claim that they participated in the elections.

While the YSK is expected to announce the final election results tonight, high-level security measures were taken in Baghdad before the election results were announced.

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