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Sher Bahadur Deuba: Nepalese PM coming to India to stop China, Sri Lanka tour in preparation for big ‘game’ again in Nepal

Frightened by the increasing influence of India and America in Nepal, China is now once again preparing to play a big game in the politics of this Himalayan country. While the Chinese Foreign Minister is going to Nepal after approving the US MCC project, a delegation of former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s party CPN UML has reached Beijing. There is speculation that China is now busy in negotiating a settlement between KP Oli and his opponent Prachanda. On the other hand, Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is now stopping his tour of Sri Lanka and visiting India amid the increasing interference of the Chinese.

According to the report of Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s Prime Minister Deuba is going to leave for India on April 1 on a 3-day visit. Deuba is visiting India just after the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Nepal. Considering the importance of India’s visit, the Nepalese Prime Minister is not going to Sri Lanka to attend the BIMSTEC meeting. He will now address this meeting virtually. It is believed that in the meeting between PM Modi and Deuba, important discussions can be held regarding relations with China and America.
China Nepal News: A big disclosure from the leaked report of the Nepal government, for the first time, it is believed that China is occupying the land
Nepalese Prime Minister’s first visit to India after 4 years
The report said that Deuba will be on a tour of India from April 1 to April 3. He was invited by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit New Delhi. This is Deuba’s first foreign visit after becoming the Prime Minister. It is believed that during this journey, there can be an agreement to start cross-border railway service. Deuba’s visit to India is going to happen just after the Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit to Kathmandu. This is the first visit of a Nepalese Prime Minister to India after 4 years. Earlier, Oli had come to India but during his tenure, relations with India reached a very bad phase.

China is furious after the Nepalese parliament approved US aid MCC. China believes that America has started it to cut its Belt and Road project. After approving US aid, now China is said to be under pressure to start the BRI project. Meanwhile, a delegation of Oli’s party has reached China. It is headed by the Vice Chairman of the party, Vishnu Prasad Paudyal. There has been speculation that there may be an agreement between Oli and Prachanda’s faction, which China has also been favoring for a long time. If this happens then the Deuba government will be in trouble.

China occupying Nepal’s land
China is occupying the land of Nepal. Recently, in a leaked report, the Government of Nepal itself had admitted that this border is being occupied by China. This is the first time that Nepal has admitted that China is interfering in Nepalese territory along the border. This report was prepared after reports of Chinese occupation in Humla in the western part of the country in September last year. The Government of Nepal has prepared this report but has not published it yet. The Nepal government is afraid to make the report public for fear of worsening relations with China.