WorldShentop: Turkey expects corridor to open in West Zangezur

Shentop: Turkey expects corridor to open in West Zangezur

Turkey stands for the transformation of the Caucasus into a zone of cooperation, solidarity and development. Chairman of the Grand National Assembly (Parliament) of Turkey Mustafa Shentop said this at the opening in Ankara of a photo exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day of Azerbaijan in the 44-day Patriotic War.

Shentop noted that although exhibitions dedicated to Azerbaijan have been repeatedly opened in the building of the Turkish parliament, the current exposition is of particular importance.

“Today’s exhibition is evidence of triumph, great victory and joy,” said the chairman of the Turkish parliament.

Shentop recalled that a year ago, the historical Azerbaijani territory of the Karabakh region was liberated from the 28-year-old Armenian occupation. The chairman of the Turkish parliament wished peace to the souls of the fallen heroes and expressed hope for the soonest healing of the wounded.

The parliamentarian stressed that with the victory of Azerbaijan, the main obstacle on the way to lasting peace and cooperation in the Caucasus was removed.

“The ground for dialogue has been formed in the Caucasus. Yerevan has the opportunity to demonstrate a constructive approach. Armenia needs to respect the clauses of the ceasefire agreement of November 9, 2020. A peace agreement should be signed, ”Shentop is sure.

The speaker of the Turkish parliament also called for the opening of a 46-kilometer corridor controlled by Armenia in Western Zangezur, which will contribute to world trade. “We expect bold and constructive steps from Yerevan, taking into account the priorities of the future of Armenia itself,” he said.

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