IndiaSexual harassment in Christian churches should be investigated; RSS front page...

Sexual harassment in Christian churches should be investigated; RSS front page Panchajanya


  • In France, more than 300,000 children have been abused by priests
  • The need for an inquiry into the persecution of Indian churches
  • This was requested in the cover story of Panchajanya

New Delhi: The RSS weekly Panchajanya has demanded an inquiry into reports of sexual harassment in churches around the world. A new issue of the weekly has called for an inquiry into sexual harassment in Indian churches.

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The cover story in the October 17 issue called for a detailed inquiry into sexual harassment in Indian churches. More than 300,000 children have been sexually abused by a Catholic church in France.

Between 1950 and 2020, about 3,000 priests were reported to have sexually abused children. The report, which was investigated by the Independent Committee in 2018, has been released. The Panchajanya inquiry has been requested on the basis of this report.

The cover story covers events in different parts of India and events in Kerala. The report says sexual exploitation is on the rise in churches. There are reports of nuns being sexually harassed inside a church in Kerala and at a missionary college in Chennai. There is a need for an investigation against the church and the clergy.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has expressed regret over the sexual abuse of priests. Francis expressed his condolences to the victims and thanked them for their courage to tell stories of torture. He said he would pray for the families of the victims.

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It is estimated that 216,000 minors have been abused in seven decades. It is reported that between 2,900 and 3,200 child molesters have been active in the church over the past half-century. Priests and other members of the church are in charge. The report was released by the international news agency AFP.

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