IndiaSexual harassment complaint should be withdrawn; Muslim League's ultimatum to green...

Sexual harassment complaint should be withdrawn; Muslim League’s ultimatum to green leaders


  • Discussion if the complaint is withdrawn
  • Disciplinary action if not withdrawn
  • The ultimatum has been issued by the Muslim League

Kochi: The Muslim League has issued an ultimatum to the green leaders to withdraw the complaint of sexual harassment immediately. The complaint has been asked to be withdrawn by 10 am tomorrow. The league leadership informed the green leaders that they would hold detailed discussions on the complaint.

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The league leadership has informed the women leaders that if they want to hold a discussion, they should withdraw their complaint to the Women’s Commission or face disciplinary action. A section of leaders had earlier demanded action against the green leaders who had put pressure on the party.

Ten MSF leaders have lodged a complaint with the Women’s Commission alleging sexual harassment in the organization. The complaint was handed over to the Kozhikode City Police by the Women’s Commission. Later, the police recorded the statement of the complainants. Special Branch DySP PC Haridas recorded the statement of Najma Tabsheera, State General Secretary, MSF Women’s Section, Haritha.

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Munawarli Shihab had asked the green leaders to withdraw the complaint to settle the issues. But the green leaders made it clear that they would not withdraw the complaint without taking action against MSF president PK Nawaz for sexual harassment.

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