IndiaSex coach stabs wife to death, throws her from 13th floor; ...

Sex coach stabs wife to death, throws her from 13th floor; Young man arrested

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Police in Russia are investigating the brutal murder of a sex coach’s wife and the dragging of a young man from the roof of a building. The death of Alexandra Mursalova is being discussed in Moscow following the news and reports of the murder. The suspicion is heightened by the posts shared by the young woman on social media before the murder. A detailed investigation is underway on the part of the police. The murder took place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Alexandra says her husband is jealous of her

Alexandra had made it clear that Rustam was jealous of the increase in income from work. The reason jealousy is strong is that he can make more money than he can. He had once tried to hijack his used phone and quit his job. The young woman said in a post on social media that she is a professional who teaches people to love. She said her husband had threatened to stab her seven and two-year-old children. Alexandra said her husband was trying to break into the house and threaten her, although the children had been moved to a safer place due to fear.

Alexandra reportedly feared her husband

Alexandra was reportedly afraid of her husband, Rustam Mursalov. In posts shared on social media, she states that she is under pressure from her husband. She had shared a post days ago stating that her husband might have stabbed her to death. According to reports, she used to move out of her house for fear of her husband. But there is no indication that she has lodged a complaint with the police against her husband. It is not clear whether Alexandra was given police protection in the event of a threat.

The murder took place days ago

Alexandra Mursalov, 25, was killed by her husband, Rustam Mursalov, on September 21. The woman was dragged from the 13-story building after being stabbed. The two reportedly had an argument before the murder. However, it is not clear what led to the murder. Police are conducting a detailed investigation into the incident. Police searched the flat where the murder took place and collected evidence. Mursalova was a well-known professional sex coach and clinical psychologist in the city.

Rustam was preparing to commit murder

Police said Rustam was waiting in the flat with the goal of killing Alexandra. He was in possession of a knife to commit murder. The children were sent to a relative’s house. Rustam attacked Alexandra, who had arrived at the flat with another friend, and the young man who was with her fled. Rustam stabbed the girl while trying to jump. Most of the injuries were to the neck and head. The woman, who was lying on the floor paralyzed with stab wounds, was dragged through the flat and dragged down from the top of the building. He turned himself in to police after the murder, investigators said.